A WordPress Plugin For Automatic Technical SEO

Seamlessly optimize your web page for searchability, usability, and accessibility with batch AI-generated HTML metadata & alt text for every page.

WordPress Plugin

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Features & About

Loyae is an intuitive API and web application that unleashes the power of natural language processing (NLP) for modern site optimization. In addition to abstractly generating metadata that embodies the meaningful and relevant context of your site, Loyae comes with a plethora of additional features.

Free Diagnostic Tool

Loyae returns insightful diagnostic information including: missing meta tags, request speed, file sizes, etc.

AI-Generated Meta Tags and Alt Text For Images

Loyae uses advanced language and vision models to automatically generate meta descriptions, keywords, etc. and alt text for images.

Integrates Directly Into Your CMS

Loyae integrates directly into your CMS (WordPress) as a plugin.

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